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K-Plus Potassium Citrate Plus Cranberry

K-Plus: Renal Support; Tablets, Granules, and Gel; Veterinarian Formulated

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K-Plus Tablets, Gel, and Granules table.

Tablets, Granules, and Gel

The active ingredient in K-Plus Tablets™ and K-Plus Granules, Potassium Citrate, helps maintain proper urine mineral balance while supporting normal kidney detoxification and healthy waste elimination. Potassium Citrate helps maintain normal pH, which may reduce the likelihood of crystal formulation. When pH is normal in urine and less acidic, the kidneys don't form kidney stones. The Tablets, Granules, and Gel are all Veterinarian Formulated, and all have Cranberry Extract.

K-Plus Gel has Potassium Gluconate rather than Potassium Citrate, and has Essential Fatty Acids. K-Plus Granules also has Essential Fatty Acids.

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